Feb. 9th, 2004

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I had a meeting with _eveningstar_Lucifer about the upcoming game our schools are having.

I really dislike Lucifer Academy being the only school that Weirdbard Academy can compete with, without holding back. I never know what he's planning..

Surprisingly, he was a perfect gentleman, and I found that rather disturbing. Especially when he made a few comments that hinted at something I've chosen to block out of my memory.

After the meeting ended, I had to go through some paper work, and make some last minute plans for the Valentine's Dance.

Which I'm going to.. alone. Joy. I guess I could take jean_claudeJean-Claude, but that's just asking for trouble.

I headed for lunatic_cafethe Cafe after school let out, so I could relax.. I had a lot of pent up energy though, and I ended up scaring the Hell out of poor the_ring_bearerFrodo.. nice job..

Let's see.. made Jean-Claude jealous. It was completely unplanned for on my part.

Besides, it's not like JC is my boyfriend. He's just a harem member...

And, okay, I admit it. I blatantly flirted with both die_spinneDie Spinne & ben_reillyBen Reilly , but I couldn't help it. I had a teenage crush on Peter Parker... (Which explains why I have one in my harem..)

I'm starting to think I should use my male harem for more then just menial tasks and bodyguard work..


Goddess, I need a date.


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